My name is Scott Erickson, I'm a co-director of the film project, and I've been surfing and shooting film for almost 20 years. I'm holding in my arms, my newest passion project, my 3 month old son, Julian. The #thatvanagaincrew '72 Kombi, Seagull, adds a nice frame to our portrait. I was introduced to #VW surf vans as a kid through an amazing surf family down my street, @jercollings and his parents fire truck red Vanagon. Growing up surfing North LA county surf breaks, you'd see plenty of vans around, but it wasn't until putting down my own roots in Ventura that the passion for VW vans really settled in.
I developed my craft as a filmmaker making documentaries for where I met fellow creative collaborators, @tonycruz and @brettkirk. Over many surf sessions, we felt a creative synergy that over time has led to this project.
We're super excited to share the initial short films we've developed for this project and start bringing more people into the process!